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For Couples

Thinking about starting couples therapy?

Every couples therapist is different and we all offer different approaches. It’s important to find someone who understands your dynamic and whom you both feel comfortable with.

I use a different approach with couples that I find leads more quickly to the satisfaction and closeness couples are wanting. In my 2-day course, I provide a framework and practical tools to help get couples to a new place, ready to do things differently going forward.

Traditional counselling sessions involve talking about the problems again and can lead to more frustration and disillusionment. Many times, couples experience negative reactions to couples therapy sessions and find themselves facing even more conflict at home between sessions. Unfortunately, this can leave one or both partners feeling even more confused, hopeless, and alone, not knowing how to fix the problems or whether it’s even possible.

Learning these tools early on puts both partners at ease, creates understanding, and reduces the tension between them right away.

Couples feel united more quickly and this ends up saving them considerable time that traditional fortnightly couples sessions can take.

Getting The Love You Want, a 2-day course, gives a jumpstart to the relationship and improves motivation and satisfaction right away, helping both partners feel motivated and engaged in using the new tools together.

Couples counselling sessions can be useful, but more so after attending a course, and couples who attend the course report that progress is much faster once they have attended. The Getting The Love You Want course is offered over a weekend and the next course will be held in Wanaka on 24-25 February. Another course will be held in Wellington on 16-17 March.

If one or both of you are uncertain, I am happy to answer any questions or chat briefly.
What I find works well is a one-off meeting with me, where we can discuss your situation and come up with a plan for you that suits your circumstances. I suggest a 25-minute or a 50-minute Zoom session (cost is $115 or $230 inc GST respectively). If you just have a few questions, feel free to email and ask. However, a brief Zoom session may allow me to assess your situation and give you some guidance.

I look forward to chatting with you.

Dr Nicole Pray

For Individuals

Looking for individual therapy?

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